Pinballs are handknitted pincushions made by me after original patterns dating from the 18th and 19th century.

These little treasures are filled with pure wool, knitted from finest cotton or silk. These pincushions are not only a handy but a beautiful sewing notion.

Both sides can show a different motiv, sometimes including the initials of the owner and/or maker or the year it was made. They can be hold by a silken or cotton band or a precious silver ring.

These pinballs were used since the early 18th century and were often presents for a beloved person. They are the perfect accessoire for your period wardrobe either on a simple band tied to your waistband or attached to a chatelaine.


All designs shown in the pictures are available for comissions. But I will remake any surviving pattern or design a wholy new one for you, if you like.



You can find ready-made pinballs in my shop or you can comission them with every pattern and color scheme you wish for.