Paraslos are quite usefull and important accessoires  for a period outfit. They send relaxing shadow when moving in several layers of clothing.


They are a little bit outdated but you can find old pieces quite often. Some are still in a good usable state, some need a little work to use them again.



This parasol was an example for the ones that need a litte of a remake. The basic structure was in good shape and in full working condition, but the covering was heavily damaged and the coating had seen better days too.

So the covering had to be replaced and the wood sanded. To do this, I had to take the whole thing apart. Gladly nothig was glued or welded in place so all connections could be removed quite easily.

Taking the parasol apart revealed also a small rosette where the manufactorys stamp is still visible, although much of the golden paint was rubbed off.

The old covering was at leat taken to reconstruct the pattern for the new one.